Best WP Fastest Cache Settings With CDNs 2022 (Tutorial)

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WP Fastest Cache is one of the popular free cache plugins for WordPress.

Using Cache plugins you can easily speed up your WordPress website. After configuring the WP Fastest Cache plugin, my site loading time was been reduced to 1.5s in the Gtmetrix test. Currently, I am using the FlyingPress plugin to speed up WordPress website.

The WP fastest cache is quite easy to set up as compared to the W3 Total cache plugin. This plugin also has an option to link your CDN like Cloudflare and StackPath which will further improve your WordPress site loading time.

So, in this post, I have shared the Complete WP fastest Cache plugin Settings with CDN (2022).

Table of Contents

WP Fastest Cache Settings

Settings Tab:

wp fastest cache settings 2020

Cache System: Enable

Widget Cache (Premium Feature): Check this box in the cache Widget section.

Preload: This option will create a cache of the entire site automatically. After enabling this option a pop-up will appear where you have to select all the options, add 4-6 if you are using Shared Hosting, and 10-12 if you are using VPS hosting in the pages per minute. You can also check out their official blog post for more info.

Logged – In – Users: Enable this only if you are using the site. But if multiple users are there then don’t check this box.

Mobile: Enable this option.

Mobile Theme (Premium Feature): Check this box.

New Post: Enable this option as this will clear cache files when a post or page is published. After checking this box a pop-up will appear where you have to choose to Clear All Cache Option.

Update Post: Check this option. This will clear cache files when a post or page is updated. Again, a pop-up will appear and this time you have to choose Clear cache of Post/page.

Minify HTML: Check this box. This will minify your HTML codes which will decrease the size of the page.

Minify HTML Plus (Premium): This will minify HTML even more but this feature comes under the Premium version.

Minify CSS: Enable this option as it will minify your CSS file which will reduce the page size.

Minify CSS Plus (Premium): This option is available only for Premium users & will minify CSS files even more.

Combine CSS: Enable this. Combining CSS files will reduce the HTTP request which will improve your WordPress website speed.

Minify JS (Premium): Just like minifying HTML & CSS, we have minified JS files to reduce our page size.

Combine JS: Similar to Combining CSS files, enabling this option will reduce the HTTP request.

Combine JS Plus (Premium): This feature is available only for premium users & will combine JS files even more.

Gzip: Enable. This reduces the size of files sent from your server.

Browser Caching:  Enable this. This reduces page load time for repeat visitors.

Disable Emojis: Emojis increase the page size, so it is better to disable them.

Render Blocking JS (Premium): Enable.

Google Fonts (Premium): Enable. 

Lazy Load (Premium):  Enable.

Now Just click on Submit. 

Delete Cache:

add expires headers wp fastest cache

You can either Delete your cache from here or from the top bar.

Image Optimization:

Image Optimization is a Premium feature. So, if you are using a free version of WP Fastest Cache then you can use WP Smush or Short Pixel plugin for image optimization.

If you are using the WP fastest cache premium version then all you have to do is to click on Optimize All to optimize your images.


wp fastest cache free vs premium

If you want to upgrade to the premium plan then you can upgrade from this Premium Tab. The plan starts at $49.99.


wp fastest cache autoptimize

If you want to exclude any pages from caching then you can do this from here. If you are running an E-commerce site then exclude cart and checkout pages.

CDN (Content Delivery Network):

wp fastest cache CDN configuration

CDN has your site load faster as it will host your site on multiple servers around the world. You can link your StackPath CDN, Cloudflare, or any other CDN provider.

StackPath CDN is one of the Popular CDN providers & its pricing starts from $10/month.

Cloudflare has both free and paid plans to choose from. So, if you don’t want to spend money then you can set up your CDN using a Free plan. Here is the complete guide on how to set up Cloudflare CDN.

You can even use both StackPath CDN & Cloudflare CDN.

  • Login to your Cloudflare account.
  • Now go to your profile and then click on API Tokens.
cloudflare api tokens page

Under API Keys click on the view button of Global API Key and copy the API key.

cloudflare API page
  • Now go to the CDN tab in the WP fastest cache plugin setting and click on CDN by Cloudflare.
  • Enter Your Email Id & API Key & then click on the Next Button.
how to set up wp fastest cache plugin with cloudflare

WP fastest cache will automatically turn off the minification in WP fastest cache setting, will turn off Rocket loader & set the browser cache expiration to 24 days.

wp fastest cache cloudflare minify settings
wp fastest cache cloudflare rocket loader setting
wp fastest cache cloudflare browser cache settings
wp fastest cache cloudflare setting


In DB you can clear your database files like post revisions, trashed content, trashed & spam comments, etc which will also help your site load faster.

If you are using a free version of WP fastest cache, you can’t use this feature. But don’t worry, there is a free plugin called WP optimize. This plugin also clears your database and reduces your database size. 

WP Fastest Cache Premium Vs WP Rocket

WP Fastest Cache is a great Free Cache Plugin. This plugin also has Paid plans which start from $49.99. This is a one-time payment & you will receive a lifetime update. 

If you compare it with WP Rocket, then they have some additional features like hosting Google Analytics locally, Hosting Google Fonts locally, Video Optimization, etc which WP Fastest Cache plugin doesn’t have. 

In terms of pricing for both of these plugins, plans start from $49, but WP Rocket doesn’t offer free lifetime updates & support. You have to renew it annually to receive updates & support.

Overall, WP Rocket is a better speed optimization plugin than WP fastest cache. But if you don’t want to pay every year, then you can buy WP fastest cache premium version.

Optimize More:

You can also watch my video, where I have covered almost everything on how to speed up WordPress website 2022 for free with timestamps in the video description.

Or You can check out our blog post – 25 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website.

WP Fastest Cache FAQs:

WP Fastest Cache Vs WP Rocket

WP Rocket has some additional options for speed optimization than WP fastest cache. You don’t need to install 4-5 extra plugins. So, I will suggest going with WP Rocket.

Does WP Fastest Cache Plugin compatible With Cloudflare?

Yes. WP fastest cache plugin is compatible with Cloudflare. You can easily link your Cloudflare account.


WP Fastest Cache is a great plugin to speed up your WordPress site. You can easily configure this plugin and link your CDN. You can also use both autoptimize and WP fastest cache plugin together. 

Apply all the recommended WP fastest cache plugin settings 2022 to improve your WordPress website speed. 

If you have any queries regarding WordPress speed optimization, then fill free to comment below.

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