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WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers the best web hosting experience with faster customer support.


Disclaimer: Since I don’t recommend ‘not good’ hosting like various different affiliates out there, you could really help me out by signing up for WPX using my affiliate link (above). Also, let it be known that I base my reviews not only from my own experience but also from other trusted sources.

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99.9% Uptime

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User-friendly interface

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Faster customer support

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Pros & Cons

Improves Website Speed

Free Unlimited SSL Certificate

30 Seconds Average Customer Response

Daily Backups

Free Malware Removal

No increase In Price at the time of Renewal

Free Unlimited Website Migration

Free WPX CDN For All Plans

Expensive Hosting Plans.

No Cpanel.

No plans to host Single website.

WPX Hosting Review In Detail

wpx hosting pricing

WPX Hosting is one of my favorite web hosting providers after Cloudways.

I have heard many positive things about WPX hosting on various Facebook groups and Sub Reddits. So, I decided to test myself.

In this post, I have shared a detailed review of WPX hosting with its key features and customer support.

So, let’s get started.

Key Features Of WPX Hosting

1. Speed Up Your WordPress Website

When I try any web hosting, the first thing I test is its speed, and in this case, the result was impressive. The TTFB of WPX hosting was 302MS, which is really first.

We all know that website speed is a ranking factor in the search results & it is really important that we should also focus on our WordPress website speed. A website that loads faster has more engagement and has the lowest bounce rate. 

So, if you are looking for a faster web hosting provider then you can go with WPX hosting.

2.  User-Friday Dashboard

The WPX hosting dashboard is user-friendly. They are not using Cpanel instead they have created their own control panel where you will get all the options like managing websites, databases, FTP, Backups, file manager, etc. 

If we compare Cloudways control panel with WPX control panel, then you will be more comfortable with WPX hosting control panel Whereas, you will find Cloudways control panel is a little bit technical. 

wpx hosting pros and cons

3. Unlimited Website Migration

WPX hosting offers free unlimited WordPress website migration. There are a ton of plugins out there in the WordPress directory for website migration. But you don’t have to do anything. 

Simply fill up this migration form where you have shared your old host login credentials, your WordPress login credentials, etc. The WPX support will migrate your WordPress website from your old host to WPX hosting free of charge. This entire process will take up to 24 hours & the migration process will also migrate your emails too.

4. Free Backups

Sometimes, an update of WordPress, themes, plugins, or even any other reason our site can break.

That’s why we need a backup. With WPX hosting you don’t have to worry about your website backup. WPX hosting automatically backups your WordPress website on a daily basis but some website hosting companies offer website backups as Add-ons. 

All your website backups are stored on separate servers for 28 days and if anything goes wrong, you can restore the previous version with just a few clicks.

I will also suggest you take backups by using plugins like UpdraftPlus, and Backupbuddy and store the backup files on your computer.

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5. Free SSL Certificate

Nowadays SSL certificates are really important as Google marks “not secure” those websites that don’t have an SSL certificate plus it is also a ranking factor in the search results. 

Some web hosting companies sell SSL certificates as add-ons but WPX hosting offers free SSL certificates for all the websites. They have partnered with LetsEncrypt to provide a Free SSL certificate and handle the renewal of certificates.  

If you want to use your commercial SSL certificate, then you have to contact WPX customer support and they will add it free of charge.

6. WPX Cloud CDN

WPX hosting uses its own Cloud CDN with 26 data centers. WPX Cloud CDN is available for all the customers whether you choose, business, professional or elite plans. CDN will take your content and will deliver it from the nearest servers from the visitor’s location which loads your website or blog faster.

7. Daily Malware Scanning & Removal

WPX hosting scans and removes malware on a daily basis for free unlike some other web hosting companies like Siteground,  which will send you to install some security plugin like Sucuri. Even if you are a Cloudways user, then also you have to install any security plugin. 

Other than WPX hosting, Kinsta also offers a malware removal service for free.  

8. DDos Protection

WPX hosting provides free Enterprise-level DDOS protection to all their customers. They have tied up with Incapsula, an industry leader in DDOS protection. 

9. WPX Customer Support

I am impressed with WPX’s hosting customer support. They are also known for their fast customer support.

The average customer response time via live chat is 30 seconds and I think there are no other hosting companies in the market that offer fast customer support like WPX. Some web hosting companies like Cloudways sell as add-on packages for faster customer support but WPX hosting doesn’t have any add-ons for better customer support. They treat all their customers equally whether you choose a business, professional, or elite plan.

The only concern with WPX hosting is that they don’t offer phone support. So, if you need phone support then you have to look for some other web hosting company.

10. Pricing & Plans

WPX hosting has three plans:

wpx hosting review 2021

  • Business

The business plan starts from $20.83 per month if you choose the yearly plan but if you want to go with a Monthly plan then it will cost you $24.99 per month. Under the business plan, you can host 5 websites along with 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth.

  • Professional

The Professional plan starts from $41.58 per month if you choose the yearly plan but if you choose monthly billing then it will cost you $49.99 per month. Under this plan, you can host up to 15 websites with 20 GB of space and 200 GB of Bandwidth.

  • Elite

Lastly, the Elite plan will cost you around $83.25/month if you go with a yearly plan but on monthly billing, it will cost you around $99/month. In this plan, you can host up to 35 websites with 40 GB of space & has unlimited bandwidth.

All the plans include Free CDN, unlimited website migration, unlimited SSL certificate, Staging areas, emails, manual backups, DDOS protection, Daily malware scanning, and removal, etc.

You can also use their free bandwidth calculator tool to know which plan will be best for you.  

WPX hosting also offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with their hosting.

11. Email Service

WPX hosting also offers email hosting and it is available on all plans. But if you look at WPX competitors like Kinsta, WP Engine, and Cloudways, they don’t offer email hosting. You have to use 3rd party tools like G-suite or Rackspace to set up Email hosting.

12. Excellent Reviews on TrustPilot

Before trying any web hosting company I check their TrustPilot rating. I think WPX hosting is one of the highest-rated web hosting companies on TrustPilot. WPX hosting has more than 1000 reviews with 4.9 ratings.

wpx hosting review

13. WPX Data Center Locations

WPX has 3 data centers to choose from based on your target audience-

  • Chicago (USA)
  • London (UK)
  • Sydney (Australia)

Apart from 3 data centers, WPX has 26 data centers Worldwide for Cloud CDN.

14. WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways Hosting

WPX is more user-friendly compared to Cloudways which is a little bit technical.

In terms of Speed, both WPX hosting and Cloudways are faster. But the support of WPX hosting is much faster than Cloudways.

The pricing of WPX hosting is a little bit higher compared to Cloudways plans but I think the other features of WPX hosting justify their pricing.

Overall, WPX is a better web hosting provider than Cloudways. You can check out my detailed review on Cloudways hosting by clicking here.

15. WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta

If you have a high-traffic website then you should go with Kinsta. Apart from handling high-traffic websites, they also offer fast customer support. But in terms of Pricing WPX hosting is cheaper than Kinsta.

Overall, both WPX hosting & Kinsta are great web hosting companies and you can choose any of these web hosting companies based on your needs. Both cater to different audiences, Kinsta’s target audience is the Enterprise market whereas WPX hosting targets online business owners and bloggers. 

You can also check out my Review on Kinsta hosting by clicking here.

Conclusion: WPX Hosting Review

WPX hosting is one of the best web hosting companies that offer faster loading time and support. WPX hosting is not cheap compared with other hosting companies but the free features like daily malware scanning & removal, unlimited website migration, free CDN, and DDOS protection justify their pricing. 

So, if you are looking to switch then you can go with WPX hosting. 

Did you find my WPX hosting review useful? Please let me know in the comment section below.


What Is WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting is one the top fastest managed WordPress hosting providers with faster customer support.

How Many Websites Can I Host With WPX Hosting?

You can host 5 websites under the business plan, 15 websites under the professional plan, and under the Elite plan, you can host up to 35 websites.

Does WPX Host Offer Free CDN?

Yes. They offer free CDN called WPX cloud to all their customers and more than 26 data centers Worldwide.

Does WPX offer Free Website Migration?

Yes. They offer unlimited website migration.

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