Siteground offers WordPress hosting, Woocommerce hosting, Cloud hosting at affordable prices. Using Siteground hosting you will see a massive reduction in your WordPress website loading time.

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99.9% Uptime

User-friendly interface

Better customer support


SiteGround Web Hosting Review 2020 In Detail

Siteground hosting is one of the best web hosting for websites especially for WordPress based websites because it is recommended by Siteground offers high-speed SSD hosting in all plans. Not Just WordPress SiteGround hosting is compatible with other popular CMS like Joomla, Magento, Weebly, Drupal, etc.

So, in this post I will discuss Siteground hosting features, likes & dislikes in detail. 

Speed Up WordPress Site:

Website speed has become a ranking factor in search results especially in Google & SiteGround has addressed this issue perfectly. Their servers are compatible with WordPress & improve WordPress website loading time.

Here is a social proof from one of the Siteground user who was using Hostgator. He just migrated his site to Siteground hosting & his speed improves (see the screenshot).

Wordpress loading speed optimization


SiteGround has also developed a speed optimization options through their control panel & a WordPress plugin specially designed for Siteground users. Using these two features will improve your WordPress website speed.

check out our complete guide on how to speed up your WordPress website on SiteGround.

Now let us talk about Siteground User Interface.

Siteground has redesigned its user interface & it is easy to use. After log in to your SiteGround account, you will see a clean user interface.

siteground hosting review 2020


In this Siteground home page, you will see all the important options in the header menu like Websites, Services, blogs, referrals & marketplace.

Now let’s discuss some of these important options in detail.

Websites Tab:

siteground hosting user review 2020

After clicking on websites, you will see two more sub-menu websites & collaborations. Under websites, you will see all your websites hosted on Siteground.  The collaborations tablets to share your access to developers and designers but this option is available only for GrowBig & GoGeek plan users.


The Site Tools tab will take you to the Siteground’s Control Panel. let’s discuss the Siteground site tool in detail.

Site Tools:

 siteground user review


Click on the Site tools button under your website name which will take you to the Siteground’s control panel.


If you have used Cpanel, then you will find this Siteground control panel a little bit easier. On the left-hand side, you have all the tabs just like the WordPress dashboard.

The dashboard of this control panel provides you some basic information about your site like IP address, Nameserver website analytics, etc.

On the left-hand side tab, you have all the necessary tab like Site, Security, Speed, WordPress, Domain, Email, Statistics & Devs.

To install WordPress on your site, you have to click on the WordPress tab, then click on Install & Manage. If you just want to install WordPress, then click the WordPress select button to install WordPress. But if you want to install WooCommerce on your site then click the select button under WordPress + WooCommerce.

To install other CMS you can click on Site Tab> App Manager. Choose your CMS by clicking the please select option & then install by choosing the domain name with generating username & password.  Siteground hosting supports all the popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.


One of the best security features I like in Siteground hosting is offering free automated daily backups in all the plans which most of the hosts offered in higher plans.

siteground woocommerce review 2020


You can easily restore your website to the previous version if anything goes wrong. All these backups files are stored for 30 days after creation.


Free SSL Certificate:

Siteground offers a free SSL Certificate in all the plans. SiteGround offers free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt & with few clicks you can install an SSL certificate on your site.

siteground speed review 2020


There are some hosting providers who don’t offer let’s encrypt or Cloudflare SSL options. Instead, they offer these services as paid addon to your hosting plan. But Let’s encrypt is completely free & Cloudflare has both free & paid plans to choose from.



You can create an unlimited number of business email addresses with the Siteground. Just click on the Email > accounts. Choose your domain name to create an email account.

siteground magento review 2020

Cloudflare CDN:

CDN boost your website speed as it stores the web pages in my different servers across the different location. So, when a visitor loads your site, the CDN will load your web page from the nearest server & will reduce bandwidth.

siteground security review



Website Migration:

siteground growbig review

To transfer your existing site to Siteground hosting, you can use the Siteground Migrator plugin. This plugin is completely free & with 3 steps you migrate your site from your old host to Siteground. You can migrate your site easily with zero downtime.

GrowBig & GoGeek plan users can ask SiteGround Professional help to transfer their site.


SiteGround Customer Support:

Siteground is also known for fast customer service. I have also contacted Siteground support & they replied in just 4 mins & fixed my error(see the screenshot below).

siteground wordpress hosting review 2020


Here is some other Siteground user’s feedback on Twitter.

Wordpress speed optimization how to Optimize wordpress speed wordpress performance plugin Wordpress plugin for speed optimization


What I Liked About SiteGround:

There are many things I like about SiteGround hosting.

1. Fast Loading Speed

2. Free SSL Certificate

3. 99.9% Uptime

4. Daily Backups

5. Free Migration Plugin

6. Unlimited Email Addresses
7. Speed Optimization Plugin


All these things I like the most about SiteGround hosting. SiteGround is also popular for other CMS like Joomla, Magento, Weebly, etc.

What I Don’t Like About SiteGround:

There are many two things I don’t like about SiteGround.

1. High Renewal Price

2. Metered hosting


Conclusion: SiteGround Hosting Review 2020

SiteGround is an excellent web hosting provider from fast loading time to customer support. WordPress has also officially recognized SiteGround as one of the best hosting providers. All these points make SiteGround as a great host.

But, their introductory prices are perfect but their renewal prices are very high. So, if you want to purchase SiteGround hosting then I will suggest you buy for at least 3 years or try Siteground alternative web, hosting provider.

What’s your thought about SiteGround Hosting, let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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