is the quickest way to remove the background from any image. it will less than 5 seconds to remove background from that image.” what a fine way to get that photobombing guy out of your photo.


Didn’t get me ? Let me explain, “” is a website, which removes the background of your photos in just, mere minutes,
which means, you hate the guy in your photo’s background? remove him, you hate the tree in your photo’s background ? remove it, all within seconds. This is an amazing use of AI or Artificial Intelligence to mend into something you would want or
most definitely like. Also, the plus-point is it is amazingly simple, just head on to, upload any photo you want
to get the background removed, wait a few seconds and voila, you get your image back without the background
it is as simple as that. Give it a run if you are not contempt with just reading about it, here. sounds simple, looks simple, but is a revolutionary and new age usage of Artificial Intelligence. With a perfect application of Artificial Intelligence, this website does provide us with a simple solution to removing our photo’s background in a matter of seconds.


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Steps to remove background using

  1. Select the picture.
  2. Upload the picture by clicking on select a photo or enter the URL of that image.

remove,bg review


Within few seconds the background will be removed from the image ( see the example where the left one is the original image & the right one is the image without background).

image background remover

You can also edit the image after the background is removed, you can restore or erase anything you want in that picture.

The latest version has also added some new features like blur the background, adding a custom background etc.


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This cool extension from will save your time, you don’t have to use quick selection tool or magic selection tool to select any object from an image.  By installing this extension, you can do the same within few seconds. Adobe Photoshop Extension


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Also, yes there are two plans to choose from to perform the task one is free and the other is paid, yes, the paid one is quite pricey (see the screenshot below).

background photo remover.



NOTE: Sometime can’t remove the background, it will display an error message.



Overall, this is a  great AI powered tool which can save time for everyone specially for the designers.