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Looking for the perfect plugin to secure your WordPress website or want to remove malware & viruses from a hacked website, then read this complete post, where I will discuss a WordPress plugin called malcare with its detailed review & malcare discount coupon codes.

Malcare plugin also has a free version where they offer some of their features for free. If your website has been hacked & hackers have installed Malware on your site then with a few clicks this plugin will remove the malware from your site. Malcare plugin has become one of the Popular WordPress malware removal plugins & it doesn’t affect your WordPress website speed.

This security plan is developed by BlogVault which is a WordPress backup plugin & the same team has developed Malcare scanner plan. Malcare is growing as one of the best Malware scanning tools.

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Malcare Discount Coupon Code:

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Why Should Install a Malware Scanner on Your WordPress Website?

features of malcare plugin

Securing a WordPress website is an essential task to safeguard from malicious codes & hacks.

Hackers try to install malicious codes & take control of your site which affects your business & Google will also so “This site may be compromised”. in search results.

Because of hacking, Google may blacklist that website which will result in a loss of around 95% of their organic traffic. Because of these reasons, Malcare has developed a WordPress exclusive plugin for malware & virus scanning to secure your WordPress website.

Malcare plugin scans all the files that are present in the hosting server including all the add-on domains unlike other WordPress security plugins, where these plugins only scan only that domain name. Sometimes, due to add-on domain vulnerability, the main gets hacked & it becomes necessary to scan all the domain & subdomain files.

Another interesting feature of Malcare is its integrated secure backup. Malcare takes daily backup of your WordPress website and all the backups are sorted in malcare server & you can take restore the previous version.

Here are some of the reviews of Malcare customers –

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malcare plugin review from twitter
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Features of Malcare Plugin:

One-Click Automatic Malware Removal:

Malcare plugin offers a one-click automatic malware removal feature without any delay. Even the complex malware or hidden trojans or codes will be removed with their deep malware scan feature.

Daily Automatic Scan:

Malcare has added BlogVault (the parent company) feature which is a WordPress backup plugin & that scans your WordPress website daily.

Effective Firewall:

Firewall block bad IPs & malware bots from entering your WordPress site. You can see the screenshot below, where this plugin has blocked bad bots that are trying to login into my site.

how to fix malware infected WordPress website

If any new bad IPs, malware bots are found on any WordPress website then this plugin will automatically record those bad IPs & malware bots & block those on other websites.

Hardening WordPress Site Security:

Malcare also offers an additional layer of security features like blocking PHP execution in untrusted folders, Disabling Files Editor, blocking plugin/ theme installation, changing security keys & reset all passwords to harden the WordPress website security.

wordpress malware removal service
remove malicious code wordpress plugin
how to find malicious links on wordpress website

No False Alarms:

Malcare will send alert notifications only when they are 100% sure of WordPress malware or viruses present on your site. There are some website scanning plugins that are there that send a false alert notification. You may unnecessary panic & you will try to find the solution, which will waste your time.

Does Not Affect Your Website Speed:

There are some plugins are there in the market that affects WordPress speed. But, Malcare doesn’t affect website speed as it uses its own server for scanning, daily backups, etc.

Malcare Free vs Premium

malcare free vs premium comparison

Malcare vs Ithemes Security

malcare vs Ithemes security
malcare discount coupon code
malcare plugin vs ithemes security plugin comparsion

Malcare Vs Sucuri

malcare vs sucuri
free wordpress malware removal plugin
malcare promo code

Malcare Review: Plans & Pricing

Malcare offers 4 different plans to choose from. You can the perfect plan that fits your needs.

Personal Plan:

malcare plugin personal plan

Small Business Plan:

how to remove malware from WordPress website

Developers Plan:

best security plugin for your site

Agency Plus Plan:

malcare security plugin

If you have a doubt regarding this plugin, then Don’t Worry, Malcare offers free 7 days Trail (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED).

Malcare Plugin FAQs:

How Do I Find Malicious Code In WordPress?

You can use Malcare plugin to scan your WordPress site for free. If there is malicious code in the WordPress site then this plugin removes it with just a few clicks.

Will Malcare Work If My Site Is Down?

If Malcare plugin is already installed on your WordPress site then malcare plugin will clean up your site.

Does Malcare Affect My WordPress Website Speed?

No, Malcare runs on its own servers & doesn’t affect your WordPress website speed.

Best Free WordPress Malware Removal Plugin

Malcare is one of the best free WordPress malware removal plugins & with just a few clicks you can remove malware from your site.

Conclusion: Malcare Plugin Review 2022 With Discount Coupon Code

Malcare is a security plugin for your WordPress website from automatic daily backups to malware scanning. If your website is getting hacked, you lose all your hard work & fixing it manually is quite difficult. Your hosting provider will make your site down if they found that your site is getting hacked.

Malcare plugin secures your entire website by scanning it daily, adding firewalls, daily backup, and blocking bot IPs & malicious bots to keep your site safe & secure.

While scanning, if the malware scanner found any malicious code or virus, then you can remove that with just one click.

Overall, Malcare is a great plugin to secure your WordPress website from any kind of threats and hacks. But sometimes it shows a hacked website clean. So, in that case, you can contact your support or hire any WordPress expert to remove malware from your WordPress website.

That’s it in this post of Malcare review. If you liked this post then please fill free to comment below & don’t forget to share on social media.

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