Almost the entire World has been lockdown due to the Corona virus. The government has imposed this restriction to save our lives plus not to mention this will also help in breaking the chain and help in stopping the spread of the corona virus.


Most of the people are spending their time watching movies or binging web series’ on different streaming platforms.


The aim of this blog post is that you can utilize this isolation period to learn some new skills which will also help you make money online.

So, in this post, I will share some points, and from how and where you can start.


Let’s get started.


1. Learn a new language

You can start learning the new language you always wanted or that you loved.


Best Tools To Learn New Languages:



Duolingo is a great tool where you can learn any new language you like. It includes almost all the languages & you can learn for free with their website or mobile app.


Memrise is a website where you can learn new languages in a fun way.


2. Cooking

Remember that particular dish? Yes, that one, you told yourself you’ll learn to cook someday? Well. why not now?. If you have never cooked before then use this time to learn. You can start learning from Youtube or from some food blogs. where you will find various recipes, choose the one to your liking and get to it.


Also, if you know some recipes, then you can share those online by creating your own blog, or you can also upload a video.

PS:-You can write your blog or make your video in any language you are comfortable with.


3. Start Blogging


This point is to start your own blog that you love. If you love to travel, then you can write about the places you visited.

If you are MOM, then you can start a blog on newborn baby care, Pregnancy, baby tips, etc. Just for an idea check out this blog


Again as a discussion about the food blog above, you can also consider this. If you like to cook, then share your food recipes in any language you want. Just for reference, you can check out this blog –


Some other blog ideas

  • Fitness & Sport
  • Fashion blog
  • Pet & Animal Blog
  • Photography Blog

 Check out our Step By Step Guide On How To Start A WordPress Blog. 


Once your blog starts getting traffic then you can monetize your site using Google Adsense & Affiliate marketing channels from where you can start making money online.

4. Learn To Code


Add a new skill in your Resume by learning some programming languages. Yes, I know that programming is not everyone’s cup of tea but you can give it a try. HTML, CSS is a little bit easy compared to other programming languages.


If you know HTML, CSS then you can try Python, Ruby On Rails or any other programming language you like.


There are many websites like Khan Academy, Code Academy, MIT Open Courseware, Free Code Camp, etc. from there you can learn online for FREE.


Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, etc. are the sites that offer paid courses.


That’s it in this post. You can suggest some other points in the comment & don’t forget to share this post on social media sites.

Samit Chatterjee
Written By Samit Chatterjee

A content writer, coder, gamer and an expert at pulling an all-nighter. I write blogs, website contents, games on the weekends and binge-watch my favorite series at a time.