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How To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog From Scratch & Make Money Online In 2022

how to start a self hosted wordpress blog 2020

Want to stand a blog & follow your passion? Don’t worry, follow this post where I will share the step by step guide on how to start a self hosted WordPress blog from scratch and make money online in 2022.

You don’t need any coding skills to start your blog. With just a few clicks you can set up your blog.

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Why WordPress is the Best Choice For Your Blog?

More than 50% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress is an easy to use CMS (Content Management System) & with few clicks you can set up your blog. The best part WordPress is it is completed free & open source.

How to Start A Blog From Scratch

You can also watch our video On How to start a WordPress blog 2022.

Step 1: Choose A Niche

What’s your interest? Do you like to blog on Fitness & Sports, fashion, Pet & Animal blog, photography, gardening blog, or any other niche that you like & share your knowledge?

If you love to travel, then you can write about the places you visited.

If you are MOM, then you can start a WordPress blog on newborn baby care, Pregnancy, baby tips, etc. Just for an idea check out this blog swaddlesnbottles.com.

All the niches mentioned above niches are top niches of 2022 and after getting traffic to your blog, you can start making money online from your WordPress blog.

Step 2: Pick A Domain Name For Your Blog

Key Points to remember before buying your domain name:

  • Easy To Remember
  • Easy To Pronounce.
  • Easy To Type

The name of the blog is an important part of success. A domain name is the URL of a blog just like Google.com or say Digirockstar.com which a visitor will use to open a blog.

There are many tools are there which will suggest you some name based on your niche. One of the tools is the Shopify Domain name suggestion.

Visit this website & type your niche.

shopify business name suggestion

A domain cost around $12/year but there are some websites like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. where you can buy your domain name at under $6/year.

For Godaddy:

Visit Godaddy & type the name that you have decided to your blog in Godaddy domain search bar.

godaddy home page

If the domain name is available, then click on add to cart button.

godaddy domain search

On the next page:

If You want to hide your personal information name, email & phone number then choose Privacy protection. The Ultimate Protection & Security add some additional feature like domain malware protection & Continous security monitoring.

start a wordpress blog for free

You can choose any of the privacy protection or you can choose no thanks.

Uncheck start your website for free.

how to create a wordpress blog page

Next, Choose no thanks option under create an email address & click on continue to cart button.

how to start a wordpress blog on SiteGround

On the next page create your Godaddy account.

On the right side, under your items choose the number your year that you want to purchase your domain name. I will suggest going with at least 1 year.

how to create a wordpress blog for free

Enter CJC99R promo code, save up to 72% OFF & Complete the purchase.

how to create a blog using wordpress

Step 3: Buy Hosting For Your Blog

Web hosting is the server where your blog will be installed. All the blog posts, blog design, images & everything will be stored on the server that stays online 24*7.

There are many web hosting provider but he is some of the best web hosting providers at affordable prices.

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers that offers faster loading time at affordable price.

2. GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks is another great web hosting provider & it is affordable than A2 hosting & offers fast loading time with Free Domain. GreenGeeks uses Renewable energy to power their data centers, which reduces carbon footprint.

Step 4: Install WordPress

Now you have to install WordPress in your server.

  • Login to your hosting account.
  • Click on the website menu.
how to start a WordPress.org Blog

Next, click the new website button & add your website.

how to create a WordPress blog step by step

Now click the Site Tool button.

how to write a wordpress blog post

On the left side click on WordPress> Install & manage.

siteground cpanel

Click the select button, choose the domain & enter the username, email, password. Finally, click the Install button.

install wordpress from siteground control panel
siteground hosting wordpress installation page

Step 5: Nameserver

You have to link your domain & hosting. Just click on the site tools & scroll down below under the dashboard tab.

siteground hosting nameserver details

Copy the nameserver & paste it in your domain name provider account which is, in this case, is Godaddy.

  • Login to your Godaddy account & Click on DNS.
overview of wordpress dashboard

Under Nameserver, click the change button & paste the nameserver details copied from A2 hosting & save it.

make money blogging as a beginners
how to make money with a blog for beginners

This is will take some time maybe around  2-3 hours to make your blog live. Enter your website URL in the browser to check whether your WordPress blog is live or not.

Step 6: Set Up Your WordPress Blog

Once your website becomes live, enter yourdomain.com/wp-admin in the browser.

Enter your username & password that you have created while installing WordPress.

wordpress login page

So, this will be your blog backend, where you start your blogging. But before you start writing you’re first you have to start designing your blog.Here is an overview of WordPress backend (You can check out my video where i have also explained the WordPress backend in Detail).

wordpress dashboard explained for beginners

Step 7: Design Your WordPress Blog

You don’t have to be a designer to design your blog. WordPress Themes will help you to design a beautiful blog.

There are many free & paid themes are available in the WordPress directory to choose from. But, I am sharing the best free WordPress Themes for your blog –

You can also check Out my complete blog post on Top Fastest Loading WordPress Themes.

All of these themes are easy to use & you can customize as per your need.

How To Install WordPress Theme?

Installing a WordPress theme is quite easy. All you have do is to Go to the Appearance> themes> add new.

Then a search for any of these above-mentioned themes, Install & activate the theme.

starting a blog from scratch 2020

Step 8: Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are necessary to add additional features to your WordPress website. Plugins are just like the apps that we are using on our smartphones.

So, here are some of the plugins that you should install in your newly WordPress blog:

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Smush
  • WP Fastest Cache

You can check out the complete list of best WordPress plugins for Bloggers.

How To Install WordPress Plugins?

Just like the theme, the plugin installation process is quite similar. All you have to do is to Go to Plugins>Add new.

Now search for the plugin in the search bar.

Finally, Install & activate the plugin.

how to use wordpress youtube tutorial

Step 9: Write Your First Blog Post

  • Start writing your blog post in by click on post>add new.
  • Write your first blog title & start writing your post.
how to create a wordpress blog for beginners

Things Keep In Mind:

  • Write your blog in a systematic way without any grammatical errors.
  • Don’t copy images from Google or Bing. Use free stock images from sites like Pixabay, Pexels.

Step 10: On-Page SEO

After writing your blog post, scroll below to the Yoast SEO section & enter the title & description about this post along with the keyword which will help you to rank in the search results in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Note that the Title length should not cross 72 characters & the Description limit is 160 characters. After that publish your first blog post & start sharing on social media sites by creating your page.

Start A WordPress Blog FAQs:

Can I Pay Monthly On WordPress?

Yes, there are many web hosting providers that accept monthly payment. But if you buy web hosting for at least one year then you will save a significant amount of money.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Your Own Blog?

You can create a blog for free with WordPress.com. If you have to host your blog on your server with your own domain name, then it will cost you around $50 a year.

Can I Earn Money From Free Blog?

You have limited control over your free blog if you are creating a blog with WordPress.com. If you start a blog with free domain & free hosting then it is just a waste of time as Google and other search engines will not rank your site.

How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money?

The best way to make money online for beginners is through affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, Google Adsense, etc.

Sandip Maheshwari

A guy blogging for the last 4 years, I am a guy who loves to write about SEO, social media and affiliate marketing. An avid cricket fan, die-hard fan of Silicon valley the series. I love to blog in my free time to share my knowledge with people around the world.

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