Want to speed up your WordPress site & reduce load time? Well, I will show you how to optimize your WordPress website speed using plugins & get 100/100 on Gtmetrix, PageSpeed Insights & Pingdom speed test report With 25 WordPress speed optimization tips including Woocommerce (2020).


Optimizing your WordPress speed will improve user experience, reduces bounce rate, increase your page views & also improves your ranking in search results. People will leave your website if it takes too much time to load & you will lose customers and subscribers.


So, are you ready to optimize your WordPress site? Then keep reading.

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Why Speed Matters?


Website speed is an important ranking factor in search results. Google, Bing & Yahoo is now ranking only those websites that load quickly and decrease the ranking of slow websites which ultimately reduce traffic.


According to a study, a page load slowdown of just 1 second could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales each year. Even Mozilla has reduced its page load time to 2.2 seconds, which added an additional 60 million Firefox downloads per year. If your site also takes too much to load then you are losing your visitors.


How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed?


A good web page time should be under 3 seconds for desktop & for mobile, it should be under 2 seconds. The speed may differ from pages to pages, as it depends on mainly two factors:

  • The size of the web page,
  • The number of requests it generates.

Just run a speed test using the following speed testing tools.


Now, take a screenshot of the speed test result & compare it later with the final result.


Before you start optimizing your site please backup your WordPress site.


Important Note:

In this post, I have shared mostly the plugins to make your WordPress website load faster instead of codes because when you update WordPress or theme all the codes that you have applied in order to speed up your WordPress site will get removed & you have to apply those changes again & again which ultimately is a waste of time.


1.Choose a Better Web Hosting Provider


One of the biggest reasons for the slow WordPress sites is using poor quality web hosting. They store too many websites on the same server which results in increasing server response time. Just run a speed test on Google page speed. If you see reduce server response time in needs improvement section, then its time to change your hosting provider.


     Web Hosting Provider Recommended By WordPress.Org


  • SiteGround (#1 web hosting provider in Facebook Polls)

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Siteground offers high-speed SSD hosting with 99.9% uptime. Top websites like Yoast, Elementor are now using Siteground hosting & recommended by WordPress. 

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SiteGround ranks at the top in most of the best web hosting polls on Facebook.

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Moving your WordPress site to Siteground improves your WordPress website load time even without compression. Because of the servers that are designed especially for WordPress. 


Here is the best example of Hostgator vs Siteground hosting.

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How to improve wordpress speed


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