How To Migrate WordPress Site From One Host To A New Host OR Server 2022

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Planning to migrate your WordPress site from one host to a new hosting provider? If you don’t know how to move your WordPress site to a new server for free – don’t worry. This tutorial will cover all the steps required to change WordPress hosting with zero downtime using both manual ways & using a plugin.

Loading time is now a ranking factor in search engine results both on mobile & desktop. So, if you’re not happy with your hosting provider, then you can transfer your entire website whether it is WordPress or any other CMS website.

Migrate your WordPress website from one host to another host without download time by following these steps & make your website load faster with the best web hosting service providers like A2hosting, Cloudways, etc.

Note: Most WordPress hosting provider offers free migration service, but some may charge a fee to migrate.

Table of Contents

How To Migrate Your WordPress Site To a New Hosting Provider Manually:

  1. Choose a New WordPress Hosting Provider
  2. Download Files From File Manager
  3. Download Database Files From PHP MY ADMIN
  4. Upload The Files In The New Hosting Account
  5. Find the Database File Name
  6. Upload Database Files
  7. Update Nameserver

So, Let’s Get Started.

1. Choose a New WordPress Hosting Provider

First Choose a new hosting provider given below. All these web hosting providers offer a fast web hosting experience & you can choose any of these hosting providers based on your budget.

A2 Hosting

Best Shared Hosting

Cloudways (Use Coupon: DIGIROCK20)

Best Cloud Hosting

WPX Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Best Premium Hosting

Disclaimer: Since I don’t recommend ‘not good’ hosting like various different affiliates out there, you could really help me out by signing up for any web hosting mentioned above using my affiliate link. Also, let it be known that I base my reviews not only on my own experience but also on other trusted sources.

If your WordPress site has a slow loading time even after optimizing speed, then it is better to move to a new hosting provider. The faster loading time of your WordPress site will boost your ranking in search results & gain more visitors.

2. Download Files From File Manager

The next step is to download files from the file manager from Cpanel or by using FTP. Go to the Public_html folder, select the domain folder, compress the file & download the compressed file. This will take time depending on your file size.

move wordpress website to new host

3. Download Database Files From PHP MY ADMIN

Now, go to the database section & click on PHPMyAdmin. Click on the database folder on the left & check all the tables. (if you have multiple domains hosted on your server then you have to file the database file name by checking every database folder from the wp option file where you will see the site URL & you have to download only that folder). After Checking all the tables, click on the export button on top & choose custom. Now scroll down below & click on the go button to download the website database files.

cpanel php my admin home page
export database file to backup your wordpress site

4. Upload The Files In The New Hosting Account

In your new web hosting provider, first, upload the file manager file. Go to the file manager folder, and double click on the public_html folder. Upload your WordPress website files & extract the folder.

5. Find the Database File Name

Download the wp-config file from the file manager. Open the file & find the database name. See the example below.

best way to migrate wordpress website to a new host

Note: You can create also create a new database but you have to add those database details in the WP-config file. If you want to create a new database then you have to create a database name, password & user then add those names in the wp-config file.

6. Upload Database Files

Now, Upload the PHP database file. Click on the Import tab & upload the database file.

how to move wordpress site to another host 2020

7. Update Name server

The last step is to update the name server details. Go to the domain service provider from where you have purchased your domain like Go daddy, Name cheap, etc.

How to update the name server in Godaddy?

  • Login to your Godaddy account.
  • Click on the DNS button.
home page of godaddy

Then click on the change button & update your name server details.

enter your DNS nameserver on godaddy

How to update the name server in Name Cheap?

  • Login to your Name cheap login.
  • In the Name cheap dashboard, click on manage.
transfer wordpres site to new server

Under the domain tab, select custom name server.

update nameserver on namecheap

Enter your name server & click on the save button.

change nameserver on namecheap

That’s it. Your WordPress website migration to a new hosting provider will be completed without any data loss.

How to Transfer/Migrate an Entire WordPress Site to New Host Using a Plugin

If you are not comfortable with the manual way to transfer/ migrate your entire WordPress website to a new host, then you can use a plugin for the same.

So, to transfer a WordPress site to a new host I will use All In One WP Migration. This plugin is completely free & easy to use.

Steps To Migrate An Entire WordPress Website To A New Host

Using the All in One WP Migration plugin.

1. Install & Activate the All in One WP migration plugin.

how to transfer web hosting from one company to another wordpress

2. Now go to the All in One WP migration tab and click on Export.

best wordpress migration plugin free

3. The next step is to click on the EXPORT TO & then click on FILE. This will take some time depending on the size of your site and will create a downloadable file that includes all your WordPress website files including the database files.

all in one wp migration plugin export file page

4. Once the file is ready just click on the download button.

best wordpress migration plugin 2020

5. Now on your new host, install WordPress using any other domain name.

6. Again install & activate the All in One WP migration plugin in your new freshly installed WordPress site.

7. So, after activating the plugin, go to the All in One WP migration plugin and then click on Import.

8. Now, upload the downloaded file. This will take some time depending on your internet speed & your file size. After the file gets uploaded, it will overwrite the files.

how to use all-in-one wp migration plugin

Important Note: By default, most web hosting providers set the upload file limit to 32MB or 64MB. So, in that case, you have to increase your file upload limit. You can use the import wp migration plugin to increase your file upload limit to 512 MB.

9. Once the file gets uploaded to the new hosting server, update the permalink structure twice. But before that, you have to log in to your site with the old username & the password that you were using on the old host & update your permalinks.

10. Finally, the last step is to update your nameserver. The steps for updating the same server are the same as given in the 7 points of manually migrating WordPress sites.

Conclusion: Migrate WordPress Site From One Host To New Host 2022

So, Follow these step-by-step tutorials on how to migrate your WordPress site from one host to a new hosting provider for free with zero downtime. You can either go with the manual way or you can use the all-in-one WP migration plugin. If you’re facing any difficulty in transferring your site to a new hosting server or for any other query, then fill free to comment below.

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