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Facebook, the biggest Social Networking Site with over 1.94 Billion monthly active users is the best place for marketers to target their audience. To grow your business you should have to create a community for your product or services and with Facebook, you can create your Facebook page likes campaign using Facebook Ads. So, in this post, I have shared a complete step-by-step guide on how to create a successful Facebook Ad campaign in 2022.

“Page Likes” in Facebook Ads is a great tool that helps your business to connect with the right audience depending upon your business goal. So, in this post, I’ll show how to create a page-like Ad campaign with Facebook Ads. The steps are almost the same for other ad campaigns.

Steps To Creating Effective Facebook Like Ads Campaign :

  1. First, you have to visit Facebook ads and log in with your account or you can go to and click the right side of the header arrow button and click on create an ad.

2. Objective: Here you have to click on the Engagement tab and name your campaign.

choose your facebook ad objective

3. Click on the page likes tab and then click on Set up Ad Account.

set up a facebook ad campaign for engagement

4. Next, you have to choose your country and currency and press the Continue button.

5. Now, in the page section Select the page that you want to promote.

set up your facebook ad account

6. Audience:

Select your targeted location, you can select countries, and cities and you can include any place or exclude any place depending on your business goal.

location targeting in facebook ads

Choose the Age of customers that you want to target.

Now Choose Gender whether you want to target men or women or both.

set up a audience targeting in facebook ads

Select languages like English All, etc. Facebook supports more than 36 languages.

  1. Detailed targeting :

Choose include people who match with business or services. You can browse categories or get a suggestion from the suggestion tab.

facebook ad campaign tips
  1. Connection :

Choose a Facebook page and select Exclude people Who like your Page, because it makes no sense to show your ad to those people who have already liked your page.

facebook ad campaign strategy

You can use the save this Audience feature which will save time when creating other ads for these audiences.

facebook ad campaign best practices
  1. Placements:

Choose Automatic placement (if you are using Facebook Ad for the first time) or you can choose edit placements.

  1. Budget & Schedule:

Enter your budget or you can choose a lifetime budget option and select the date and time that you want your ad should run.

You can choose Advanced Options in Budget & Schedule where can customize your ad more.

facebook ad campaign step by step

Bid amount:

Select manual if you want to give the bid price manually (it will show the suggested bid for your ad campaign). You can also select Automatic where Facebook will Set the Bid price for your Ad campaign.

facebook ad campaign for likes

When You get charged:

Choose a page like this because you will be charged only if someone likes your page.

If you want to run your ads all the time then choose Run Ads All The Time. But if you want that your ad should appear at a certain time then you can select the time by choosing Run Ads On a Schedule and choose the time that you want your ad should appear and click on the Continue button.

On the next page choose the Ad format you’d like your Ad to look like a single image, single video, or slideshow ad. Here I have selected a Single Image ad for this article.

  1. Images:

Upload your own image or use free stock images.

facebook ad campaign image size
  • Recommended image specification:
  • Image size: 1200*444 pixels.
  • Image ratio: 8:3.
  1. Text:

Write the heading text for your ad and can also use advanced options for some more options. Click on place order and make payment.

create your first facebook ad campaign

If everything is fine in your ad then it will be verified within a few hours. and your Ads will start running.

Conclusion: Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Follow these step-by-step processes to run your first Facebook ad campaign. The steps are almost similar to other Facebook ads like traffic ads, App Install ads, etc. The success of the Facebook ads campaign mainly depends on targeting. Do proper research on your target audience and grow your fan base.

So, that’s it in this post on how to create a successful Facebook ad campaign for 2022. If you have any queries regarding Facebook ads, then fill free to comment below & don’t forget to share this post on social media sites.

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