What if you forget to renew your website hosting or your Hosting provider accidentally deleted your website?

It will result in a big loss to your business. If you forget to renew your hosting then you have to pay more to your hosting provider to recover your data.

In this article, I am sharing how to backup your full WordPress website using Cpanel.

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Steps to take backup of a website from cpanel:

  1. At first, you have to log in to your Cpanel account.you can go to the cpanel login page by entering your domain name, give slace(/)  after the domain name and write cpanel (yourdomainname.com/cpanel).


2.  Now, click on the Backup tab in the files section.


3. If you want to full website backup then click on the Download a full website backup and if you want partial Backup then click on the Home Directory Backup.

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There is one more way to backup your site

You can also download files from cpanel using file manager.

1. Go to the file manager and click on Public_html. Click on compress button at the top and select the compression file (say zip file).

2.  A new file compressed file will be there (say public_html.zip) and select the compressed file click on the download button at the top.

The file will be downloaded in your device and if something goes wrong in future, then you can upload the backup file to the cpanel and remove the previous one.

How to Backup Your Website Using Cpanel
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How to Backup Your Website Using Cpanel
Step by step guide on how to backup your website using cpanel.there are two ways to backup your website first by using backup section using file manager
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