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Free Infographic Submission Sites List 2021 With High PR

free infographics submission sites list

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks is by submitting infographics in the free infographics submission sites list of 2021 with instant approval. So, in this post i have shared the list of top free inforgraphic submission sites.

With infographic submission, we can make visual and clear information on any topic and have become effective link building tactics. These new infographic sites not only give do-follow backlinks but also gives relevant traffic to your sites.

There are a lot of things to consider while submitting your site to infographic submission sites. Some of these require registration & some sites offer paid options for instant approval.

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Top 10 Infographic Submission Sites List 2021:

1. Pinterest  (DA: 94 Alexa Rank: 146)

According to Search Engine Journal, Pinterest ranks in 6th in their top social media sites list with 322 Million monthly users. Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms but it is also one of the top image sharing platforms where you can share your infographic & build high-quality backlinks. Just create your Pinterest account, create a board with keywords, submit your infographics with proper title & description.

Submitting your infographic on Pinterest will also drive high-quality traffic to your website & increases brand awareness.

2.  (DA: 78   Alexa Rank: 16.1K) is another popular infographic submission site where you can submit your infographic for free. Create your account and submit your infographic.

3.  (DA: 55  Alexa Rank: 75.4K) is slightly getting popular & offer free infographic submission. They offer paid plans where your infographics submission gets approved on the same day as compared to a free plan where the approval process takes around 2-3 weeks.

4. Reddit Infographics (DA: 97 Alexa Rank: 14)

Reddit is one of the top social media sites and it is the best platform to share your infographic. You can share each your infographics in subreddits & always check the number of subscribers & subreddit’s guidelines before submitting your infographics.

5. SlideShare (DA:95 Alexa Rank: 152)

SlideShare is the biggest platform to share your visual content in the form of PDFs, PPT, Infographics, etc. To submit your Infographic, you have login using your Linkedin account or create a new Linkedin account. After loading your infographic, you can either choose to publish content privately or publicly.

6. Daily Infographic (DA: 66 Alexa Rank: 110601)

Daily Infographic is another popular infographic site & but you can submit only from their contact page.

7. ILoveCharts  (DA: 49  Alexa Rank: 191K)

It’s a Tumbler blog that focuses on cool infographic charts.

8. Cool Infographics  ( DA: 60 Alexa Rank: 114K)

Cool infographic is a great site to share your infographic. To submit your infographic, you have to contact them through their contact page.

9. (DA:49 Alexa Rank: 250K)

You can easily submit your infographic in Infographiclist by just clicking on the submit your infographic tab & build backlinks. You can also submit your article on this site.

10. (DA: 45 Alexa Rank: 285K)

You can submit your infographics in infographic zone to build backlinks & you can also sell these graphics at affordable prices.

Benefits Of Infographic Submission In SEO

  • Visual content is the best way to reach your audience.
  • Drives traffic to your website.
  • Gives quality backlinks.
  • Increases brand awareness.

Here is the list of Free Infographic Submission Sites List 2021. [All these sites are active]


Importance of Infographic

Various studies show that infographics are more interesting than texts based content. According to Hubspot, 80% of marketers use visual assets in their online marketing. If a user likes your infographic, then he/she will definitely share your infographic and you will earn a backlink.

How To Submit Your Website To Infographic Submission Sites?

Build high-quality backlinks by submitting your site to free infographic sites for SEO. For this post, I am taking as an example. The steps are almost similar for all the infographic sites & promote your infographics.

Let’s get started.


infographic submission sites for seo
  • Click on the submit infographic button in the top header menu.
  • Choose the submission plan (Expression submission, Featured infographic are paid plan & basic submission is a free plan).
free high da infographic submission sites
  • Fill the complete detail which will complete the infographic submission process.
list of infographic submission sites

Infographic Submission Sites FAQs:

How Do You Do Infographic Submissions?

Submit Your Website To Infographic Submission sites- Taking as an example: Go to the Click on the submit infographic button in the top header menu. Choose the submission plan (Expression submission, Featured infographic are paid plan & basic submission is a free plan) Fill the complete detail which will complete the infographic submission process.

What Is Infographics Submission In SEO?

Infographic submission is an effective off-page SEO technique to improve your website in search results. Submitting your site to any high authority infographic sites will give your site a backlink which is beneficial for Search Engine Optimization.

Where To Share Infographics?

Top sites to share your infographics:

Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites?

Best Dofollow infographic submission sites list: Pinterest Flickr


That’s it in this post of free infographic submission sites list 2021 for SEO with instant approval and do-follow backlinks. If you have any questions regarding these infographic sites list or any website is not working, then please let me know in the comment below.

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Free Infographic Submission Sites List 2021 With Instant Approval
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