How to Setup Cloudflare Free Flexible SSL Certificate And CDN

How to Setup Cloudflare Free Flexible SSL Certificate And CDN

Looking for Cloudflare Free flexible SSL Certificate and CDN for your WordPress website to improves loading time then Cloudflare is the best choice.

A website that has SSL certificate and loads faster,  ranks higher in the search engine result page (SERP).

Recently Google has announced a new algorithm update called speed update (which will roll out from July 2018). With speed update Google to use page speed as a ranking factor in mobile search. For the desktop version, this update was roll out in 2011.

What is Cloudflare?

According to Wikipedia Cloudflare provides a content delivery network, DDoS mitigation, Internet security services and distributed domain name server services, sitting between the visitor and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

Key Features:

  • Improves website security
  • Offers SSL certificate
  • Offers Free CDN


According to Google, a website should load within 3 seconds and the page size should not exceed 500KB. With the use Cloudflare CDN you can reduce your websites loading time for free. If a website takes times to load then it will also increase bounce and will affect search engine ranking.

The SSL certificate increases trust both the visitor and search engine that also improves search engine ranking of the website.

Cloudflare not only provides free SSL certificate and CDN but also add an additional layer of security, block bots and spam comments from the website.


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There are many paid CDN and SSL certificates are available, but if you are looking for these services for free then Cloudflare offers these services both CDN and SSL certificate for free. Cloudflare also offers some paid plans too. there are also some other companies that offer paid CDN services like Max CDN etc.

So, without any further delay lets gets started.

Before you start, you have check whether your cpanel has Cloudflare app in it. If your cpanel doesn’t have Cloudflare app then no problem. you can use Cloudflare website.

Steps to setup Cloudflare’s Free SSL Certificate:

1. First, go to the Cloudflare website and sign-up.

2. Next, you have to enter your website.

3. Choose the plan whether you want a free plan or paid plan. The paid plans offer some additional features. In this case, I will go with the free plan.

4. Then on the next page, select the files that you want to Cloudflare to cache and minify. It is better you can select all the files. (click on the cloud icons as shown in the 2nd image)

5. Now, select the plan for your Cloudflare account. you can choose from a free website, pro website which will cost around $20/month and a business website which will cost around $200/month.

6. Lastly, you have to change your nameserver from the old ones to the new Cloudflare DNS nameserver.

7. To change nameserver you have to go your domain service provider, in my case I have purchased my domain from Godaddy.

8. Choose your domain and under additional settings, you can find manage DNS option. Click on the manage DNS.

9. This will take you to the new page where you can find nameservers option and click on green change button and paste the nameserver given by Cloudflare and update your nameserver.

These complete changes will take 24 to 48 hours to update the nameserver (sometimes the DNS changes within 1 hours). Next, update your web pages from HTTP to HTTPs. But if you are using WordPress, then it can be done by just installing a plugin called really simply SSL which will convert all the web pages to HTTPs. Just install and active the plugin. After activating the plugin you will get a notification to convert all the existing web pages to secured pages.

After your DNS gets activated, go the dashboard of your Cloudflare account and you can see you in the overview tab where it saying that your website is on Cloudflare.

Steps to Setup Cloudflare CDN

1. On Cloudflare dashboard first click on the speed tab, here in the auto minify choose all the three option which Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

2. Under enabling Accelerated Mobile links, convert enable accelerated mobile links an show SMP logo before links to ON.

3. In rocket loader section choose automatically.

Caching Tab

4. Now click on the caching tab above go to the caching level option and choose a standard option and keep rest of the option by default.

Page Rule Tab


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5. In the page rule section first, choose browser integrity check and make it on.

6. Now choose browser cache TTL, make this to 30 minutes.

7. Next, choose security level and select high.

8. Now select cache level and click bypass

{ copy the steps as shown in the image below}

and at last, click on save.

If you are using WordPress then you can link your Cloudflare account either by W3 total cache or the Cloudflare plugin.
I will recommend going with W3 total cache where under extension option you can find Cloudflare option and activate it by pasting the API key.

If your WordPress site still takes time to load then you can read this post on how to speed up a WordPress site.

Note: If you are minifying HTML, CSS, Javascript in both using W3 total cache or any other plugin and also minifying through Cloudflare, then your site may break. So, test your site after minifying. If it is breaking your site then remove that minification from that plugin.



Follow these steps to setup Cloudflare free flexible SSL with free CDN and DNS and make your WordPress site load faster. If you have a question regarding Cloudflare free SSL and CDN, fill free to comment below.

How to Reduce WordPress Site Speed With Cache Plugins

How to Reduce WordPress Site Speed With Cache Plugins

Is Your WordPress website takes much time to load? Then follow this blog post where I have shared some tips for WordPress site speed optimization plugins using best wp cache plugins and reduce page loading time.

Loading time of a website a very important factor in SEO. Websites that take much time load are affected by SEO ranking and increase in bounce rate. You can also check out the list of best WordPress plugins of 2019.

According to Google, a website should load within 3 second and page size should up to 500 KB.

So, here are some tips to optimize your WordPress websites speed using plugins and tools.


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1. Optimize Images

Using heavy images results in increasing the loading time of a website. To solve this problem you have to  Compress images.

Note: Use JPG images instead of PNG images because JPG images are lightweight and load faster as compared to PNG images. If you have any PNG images then you can convert those images using a free online tool like png2jpg.

To compress your images you can use some online tools like Tinyjpg, or optimizilla to compress images for free up to 20 images at once. this tool compresses images without decreasing the quality.

Image Optimization Plugin:

WP Smush

best wordpress plugins for blog 2017

It’s the best WordPress plugins for image compression. When you upload a  new image, it automatically starts compressing the image.

This plugin has both free and paid version,  where the paid version compresses more.

It is better to compress first from free online tools like or and then upload those images your website.

After that, the plugin will also compress the images, which will reduce the loading time of your website.


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2. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

To solve render blocking javascript and CSS problem, you have to install a plugin called Autoptimize.

coolest wordpress plugins

Install and Activate Autoptimize plugin and then follow these steps-

Go to the setting option ~ Autoptimize


Now click on show advanced setting option which is on the top right side.

Check these following options as shown in the images and click on save changes and empty cache.

Run a speed test and check your score in PageSpeed Tools.

If any CSS file still showing in the speed test, then you have to optimize even further.

Again go to the Setting~ Autoptimize and under CSS section check line and defer CSS option as shown in the image.

Copy the CSS file URL from the page speed tool, open your website and find the CSS file by going to the view source page and then press Ctrl +F and paste the CSS file URL that was shown in the Page.

Click on the link, and copy the entire code.

Now open this link criticalpathcssgenerator

Here in the first column insert your website URL.

In the second column, paste the complete CSS codes and click on the create critical path CSS.

This will minify the codes and you have to copy the entire code from the third column and paste it in the line and defer CSS.

Now click on save changes & empty cache.

Once again test your website speed.


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3. Enable Compression

Another common issue of every WordPress site is Enable Compression.

This issue can be solved by using a plugin called Check and Enable Gzip compression.

Just install and activate the plugin and  go to Tools ~ Gzip compression

Now click on Enable Gzip Compression button.

Again test your website speed.


4. Async Javascript

One of the main factors that affect website speed is javascript.

Async javascript helps you to add an async or defer attribute.

This plugin is compatible with autoptimize. If some javascript files are still that affecting your WordPress website speed then you can use this plugin.

After activating the plugin go to the setting – async javascript – setting.

Now in the enable async javascript section check enable async javascript.

In the async javascript, method section select the method whether you want async or deter.
you can try which one works for you. in my case I have chosen async.

Under jquery check async.

And at the end check enable autoptimize support and choose to deter in jquery method.

It is better to check autoptimize support because it may conflict with each other.


5. Implement CDN

CDN (content delivery network) also helps in reducing the loading of your WordPress site. there are some free and paid CDNs are available on the internet like Cloudflare which offers both free and paid CDN, max CDN which has only paid plans. if you want to implement Cloudflare CDN with free SSL Certificate on your site then you can read this complete tutorial.


Conclusion : 

That’s it in this post on how to Optimize the speed of WordPress site with best wp cache plugins and reduce page load time in 2019. Try these WordPress site speed optimization tricks that will help you to make your WordPress site faster and test your website speed before and after.  

If you have a question regarding how to increase the speed of WordPress site, fill free to comment below.


Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Top WordPress responsive themes with easily customizable for blogging, business and personal templates for your site.


Most of the paid WordPress(WP) themes are costly, but there are some free WordPress themes to download that are fully responsive to all types of devices.

The free WordPress theme that comes with the package is not responsive. The site will become non-responsive after few months.

Here are some free responsive templates that you can use on your site:



The Sydney theme is a business theme with full customize feature. To design a site with Sydney is easy as compared to other themes. The template is fully responsive in desktop, tablets and also in mobile devices. You can use the slider for banners, images etc.

This theme also has easy access to any fonts from google fonts with more than 600+ fonts.

The Sydney theme has also a pro version with some additional features.

To watch the demo of this theme click here

To download this theme click here.




Same as  Sydney, Perth is also a business theme with almost similar features as Sydney. But the Perth theme can also be used as a blog theme.
It has plenty of customization option from layout to color customization. You can also customize menu bar.

This template has a free version and has a pro version.

To watch the demo of this theme click here.

To download this theme click here.