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Alidropship Review 2022 With Pros & Cons

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Start Your Dropshipping Business In WordPress Using Alidropship Plugin


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Value For Money

Easy To Use

Better customer support


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One Time Payment

Add Unlimited Products

WooCommerce Support

SEO Friendly

24/7 Support

Order Tracking Features

Little Bit Expensive


Dropshipping has become a new trend in the last few years so different software are required to start a dropshipping business. So, in this post, I have shared a detailed Alidropship plugin review 2022 with pros & cons.

Starting a dropshipping business is quite easy. Using WordPress you can set up your dropshipping store. You just need a tool to automate the entire system. In this post, we shall be discussing the Alidropship plugin which is all in one drop shipping solution for WordPress.

Alidropship is the no.1 Shopify alternative for dropshipping. It is the best WordPress Aliexpress Dropshipping plugin.

Adding a product to a website takes too much time from download all the images, product title, description & most importantly real-time stock update which is very difficult if we do manually.

But Alidropship has automated this entire system. You can import as many products as you want within a few seconds along with user reviews & real-time stock updates which ultimately save your time & makes Alidropship as one of the best dropshipping tools to start & automate your entire E-commerce business.

Alidropship plugin is the best dropshipping plugin for WordPress. I am using Alidropship plugin from the last two years & really love this plugin. This plugin offers all the things that are required to run a successful E-commerce business including WordPress themes specially designed for dropshipping.

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Table of Contents

So let’s get started.

Alidropship Review 2022: Best WordPress Plugin For Dropshipping

Alidropship plugin is designed to import products from Aliexpress & sell the same products at a higher price on your own website. This plugin also has an order tracking feature just like another E-commerce website.

What Is Alidropship Plugin?

Alidropship is a dropshipping plugin to start a dropshipping business in WordPress. This plugin is compatible with Woocommerce. But you can also start dropshipping without Woocommerce. Alidropship also offers themes designed for dropshipping only.

How Does Alidropship Work?

Alidropship is a WordPress plugin to start your dropshipping store by importing products from Aliexpress. This plugin offers a ton of features apart from product importing like automated order fulfillment, auto-updates on products, price automation, importing of reviews from Aliexpress, etc.

Is Drop Shipping Profitable In 2022?

Yes. Drop Shipping is profitable in 2022. You must know profitable dropshipping products & market your store with proper channels.

How To Install Alidropship Plugin?

Steps to install alidropship plugin in WordPress: Purchase the Alidropship plugin. Download the plugin from alidropship. Open WordPress & go to plugins> add new. Click on the upload plugin button & upload the alidropship plugin. Install & activate the plugin. Enter the license key.

Alidropship has also added a new product called Alidropship Premium Dropshipping Store where the copies of successful dropshipping stores. You don’t have to spend months & money to find out the best strategy for your store.

If you want to start your dropshipping business in no time, you can buy the Alidropship premium drop shipping store & start making money online from day one. Check Out our Detail Alidropship Premium Store Review.

Alidropship Premium Store Package Includes:

  • AliDropship plugin + license.
  • Store theme + banners.
  • Template store logo in PNG.
  • Catalog of pre-edited products.
  • Customer reviews for the products.
  • 3 add-ons + licenses: Facebook Business, GA Enhanced E-commerce, Abandoned Cart.
  • Social accounts design: covers, avatars, BIO texts.

Some of the features of Alidropship Plugin are:

  • Alidropship plugin allows you to directly import products from Aliexpress in one click.
  • It also imports customer reviews from Aliexpress.
  • This plugin offers to edit product descriptions & editing of product images.
  • You can import unlimited products.
  • This plugin is SEO friendly.
  • You can set your own Coupon Codes.
  • When a site owner gets an order, they just have to click on the Pay Now button & the order will be placed automatically in Aliexpress with complete customer details.
  • Alidropship plugin is compatible with Woo-commerce.
  • Easily to use a chrome extension to import products from Aliexpress.
  • You can also order a Custom Dropshipping Store.

Why You Should Choose Alidropship Plugin For Dropshipping?

  • One Time Payment: One of the best things that I like the most in Alidropship is you have to only once & you will get Free Lifetime Update & Support like Shopify where you have to pay every month.
  • Dropshipping Themes: Easily set up your dropshipping store with Alidropship themes that are mobile-friendly & has the highest conversion. They offer both free & paid themes to choose from.

Free themes for original Alidropship Plugin :

Free Themes for Alidropship Woo plugin:

  • WooCommerce Support: You can enjoy all the Woocommerce features in the Alidropship plugin as it is compatible with Woocommerce.
  • Automatic Product Update: This feature automatically updates the product price & stock with the latest data from Aliexpress.
  • Product Reviews: Reviews help the site owner to convert a visitor to a customer & with just a click you can import product reviews directly from Aliexpress. Alidropship plugin also offers to import of reviews with Images which also increases trust in the visitors’ minds.
  • Coupon Codes: Offering discount coupon codes also helps a site owner bring more sales. You can create your own promo code, choose the discount amount in percentage off or price off.
  • Add ons: Alidropship also offers some add-ons that help site owners to make more sales. Some of the Alidropship add-ons are –

            Countdown Timer
            Social Rabbit
            Recent Sales Pop-Up
            Abandoned Cart
            Google Merchant
            Facebook Business
            Customers Gallery

Alidropship Chrome Extension:

Here is a short video from Alidropship on how to import products from Aliexpress using Alidropship Chrome Extension.

Alidropship Hosting Review:

Alidropship also offers web hosting services. Alidropship hosting is one of the best hosting options for hosting a dropshipping website.

Alidropship Vs Alidropship WOO

You might be thinking which Alidroship plugin is best for you?

When you purchase an Alidropship plugin, you get two plugin ones with Alidropship plugin (without woo commerce support) & the second is Alidropship WOO plugin (with Woo-commerce support).

Here is a comparison of the Alidropship Plugin & Alidropship Woo plugin.

Alidropship plugin vs Alidropship WOO plugin

As you can see there is nothing different in both of these plugins. It mainly depends on your personal preferences & skills.

If you have never tried Woo-commerce then I will suggest you try Alidropship plugin (without Woo commerce one).

The Alidropship Woo plugin gives you an option to use other Woo-commerce plugins to grow your dropshipping business.

Alidropship Vs Oberlo

One of the biggest alternatives to Alidropship Plugin is Oberlo. Oberlo plugin runs on the Shopify platform. This plugin is free to start but once you reach a certain threshold then you have to pay on a monthly basis.

Another cost is Shopify. Shopify is not free. You have to pay on a monthly basis. The Shopify plans start from $29 per month. But in the long run, it becomes expensive if we compare it with Alidropship.

Alidropship has one-time payment with free lifetime update & support plus WordPress is completely free makes Alidropship plugin a better choice over.

How to set up a dropshipping store using the Alidropship plugin?

1. Purchase Alidropship Plugin

First, purchase the Alidropship plugin. They offer both Alidropship plugin & Alidropship woo plugin (for woo-commerce based sites). You have to pay only once & will give free lifetime support & update of these plugins, unlike Shopify where you have pay every month.

Alidropship 35 off coupon code

You can purchase hosting either from Alidropship or use any other hosting provider like A2hosting or Green Geeks. For domain name, you can use GoDaddy, Namecheap for any other service provider you like.

2.Set up your website

If you have a basic understanding of WordPress then it will easier for you to build your dropshipping site.

3. Install Alidropship plugin

Download the Alidropship plugin or Alidropship woo plugin and upload it to your WordPress site (i will recommend using Alidropship plugin instead of Alidropship woo plugin). Activate the plugin by inserting the key given by Alidropship.

4. Install Alidropship Chrome Extension

To import Aliexpress products to your website, you need to install an Alidropship chrome extension in your google chrome browser. Go to the setting-more setting-extension, Click on open an open chrome web store. Search Alidropship extension & install.

On the Alidropship extension, icon click & insert your domain name, press the login button & authorize.

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5. Theme Installation

Install a beautiful theme for your website. It is better to use themes given by Alidropship, as they are designed for Dropshippers, simple & easy to use. You can use both free & paid themes offered by Alidropship.

alidropship theme coupon

6. Import Products To Your Website

Search products that you want to sell in your WordPress site. Choose the right supplier for your products by checking their ratings. Open the Aliexpress product page & click on the import button on the top, which will import the product to your WordPress site within a few seconds. Import products as many as you like without any limitations.

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7. Create Product Categories

Create product categories for your site & you can directly import products in that category. For Alidropship plugin click on the products tab & then click on the category to create product category.

For Woo Plugin click on Woo-commerce tab > Categories & create your product categories.

Wordpress droshipping plugin

8. Customize Product Page

Add a small product name instead of a long title, write a proper product description for each product & remove unwanted texts & images.

You can edit the images with the built-in editing tool in the Alidropship plugin.

9. Import Reviews

Build more trust in the customer’s eye by importing reviews of products from Aliexpress. Choose the rating 4 star and above & import reviews to your website. You can also exclude reviews by inserting the keyword in the exclude box.

alidropship discount coupon

Don’t import reviews that contain Aliexpress, Ali in their reviews. Just enter these keywords in the skip reviews with keyword box. 

10. Insert Menus

Create a menu for your WordPress website and insert it in the header & footer section.

alidropship plugin review

11. Set Up Payment Gateway

Next, set up a payment gateway on your site. There are multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Squareup, RazorPay, Bluesnap, etc.

how to use alidropship plugin

Alidropship also offers the PayPal Express Checkout button which enhances the shopping experience for the customers.

12. Set Up Email Automation

When a customer purchases a product, it is necessary to send order confirmation to your customer. Using an Email automation tool you can automate this step. There are many email automation tools like SendinBlue, Mailgun, Pepipost, etc. to choose from & you just need to add API key which will activate the Email automation.

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Add links to your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, youtube, etc. so that people can engage & interact with you.

Design a Beautiful logo for your website & insert it to your website. If you are not a designer then you can hire a logo designer from Fiverr which will cost around $5. But If you want to design it for free then you can use Canva.

16. Submit Your Website To Search Engines

Gain more visitors on your website by submitting it to search engines like Google & Bing.

Conclusion: Alidropship Plugin Review 2022

Alidropship is really a powerful plugin to start a dropshipping business. It automates the process and helps the site owner to get a sale. Trust me, Alidropship is a great plugin to start our own dropshipping business & It is becoming popular among the drop shippers. They are also offering custom stores & Alidropship Premium Store which also helpful for drop shippers as they can purchase & start making money in no time. 

Tell us your view on the Alidropship plugin in the comment section below.

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Alidropship Plugin Review 2022 & Tutorial With Customer Reviews
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